Thursday, January 03, 2008

Slideshow - Romania

5 days – Transylvania and Bucharest. I preferred Bucharest, with its 100,000 stray dogs and appearance of a futuristic post-war appearance as imagined by someone in the 1950s, over Transylvania, with its rugged landscapes and fascinating ethnic mix. In general I found the Romanians to be upbeat, in a good mood and extremely sociable. But Transylvania had more of a central European feel, a little stodgy, conservative even, with its mix of Romanians, Hungarians and German-speaking Saxons, while Bucharest was a little more like Greece, with glamorous and stylishly dressed people, men in suits giving roses to fantastic-looking girls, packed restaurants and yet without the kind of exaggerated splurging you might find in Beirut or the barrage of yelling you might get in Tel Aviv. A bit more reserved, less vulgar, somehow sweet...

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