Thursday, April 10, 2008

New photos...

Spent a happy afternoon uploading a load of pix to Flickr. Actually took way too long, but still - this and many more are to be found here.

I've been in this Starbucks cafe far far too long now so that's the lot for today.

Finally - have a look at the Twitter bit on the top right of the page. Essentially Twitter is blogging from your mobile phone by text message. There's lots more you can do with it but I'm yet a novice and have no idea. Quite exciting though. My Twitter page is here.

A huge amount of really intelligent comment and discussion on China. I'll get beyond the big newspapers soon but meanwhile this form the IHT was interesting - suggesting that ruining China's "Olympic coming-out party" will simply be counter-productive and will see the country simply retrench into a previous anti-the rest of the world rhetoric and stance... True enough, but being part of the world involves exposing yourself to it. Bush and the US is also the focus for a lot of protest. On the other hand - China is big big big and it matters to the world.

Australia's Kevin Rudd spoke to Peking Uni students in fluent Mandarin yesterday. According to the China Daily (hard copy - can;t find the article on the web), Rudd said: "Some have called for a boycott of the Beijing Olympics because of recent problems in Tibet... I do not agree... I believe the Olympics are important for China's continuing engagement with the world."

But the China Daily did not mention Rudd "talking tough" over Tibet, comments that can be seen (by those outside China - not me) here.

先在 - 晚饭。


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nzm said...

Is there any coverage in China of the massive demonstrations that are meeting the Olympic torch wherever it goes?